Podcasting, Schmodcasting.... What's All the Hype?

What To Do Next?

Creative Commons licensed flickr photo by "Joe in MV"

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What content in my courses makes sense to provide in audio format? Why? What value will audio content add? (Please do not respond with an idea to "put my lectures online") e.g. pronunciation guides, access to external experts...
  • What activity can students do in your course that might be effective with audio? e.g. interviews, audio discussions, digital stories reading or project summaries... See for example Podcast Conversations or Message in a Podcast
  • What resources are available to me? (do I have a computer that can record audio? Do I have access to a microphone or digital audio recording device? Do I have disk space to store the audio online?
  • Do ypu have time to edit audio? Even quick edits are time consumiing, espcially if you are to learn a new software such as Audacity.
  • How will you know your audio content provided is effective? How do you assess work done in audio?

You Can Start Simple

  • Before rushing out and getting started creating audio content, look at the large amount of existing audio content and develop an activity that uses it. You can find audio conent in almost every subject area, and you have access to a large amount of news and current information that is now podcast ready.

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