Arizona K12 Center • Camp Plug and Play 9.0 • July 7, 2014

It's easy to take and share digital snapshots (witness Facebook). But we can do much more than capturing moments by creating and expressing ourselves using photographs as part of our visual language. While I was educated as a scientist and self taught myself web-development, telling stories with and through photos is what I am most passionate about. In this session, I share with you five things I've done fueled by this interest. These include practicing communication through improvisation, creating stories in pictures only, amazing stories that may happen when you share photos, giving credit for photos you can use, and a strategy for expressing complex ideas or concepts in photos. Maybe one will be interesting to you? Picture that.

Audio from presentation

Five Things

(1) improv with pechaflickr ---

(2) Visual Storytelling with Five Card Flickr Stories --

(3) True Stories of Sharing Photographs

(4) Giving Attribution with flickr cc attribution helper --

image seeking-sm.jpg
(5) Image Seeking for Fantastic Visual Metaphors --

More "Stuff"

Thru The Lens (grab bag photo links in pinboard)

Pinboard (cogdog)
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