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Finding Images

What is Flickr?

Finding Creative Commons Images in Flickr

Try Compfight

  • Set Option "Creative Commons"
  • Try "Tag" search first
  • Ignore the Shutterstock ($) images above the line
  • Use General to Specific strategy

The Art of Search

For a more updated approach, see the Mozilla Teaching Kit I made that uses the ImageSeek tool

The quest: Looking for a photo to represent broken web links, or a failed search.

What are the words that describe what we are looking for?

What are other words that might represent it?

What metaphors might represent the concept?

What are words that describe what it looks like (action words, adjectives)?

These search terms did not work out well

But this one did!
cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by concretecandy:
cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by concretecandy:

Indirect Approach - Try actions, places, adjectives

Include a Character

Let's say we are looking for a photo to represent learning, as an indirect, we might try "reading" as an action word-- but add a character depending on what kind of mood you want to suggest.

It's Your Turn

  1. Describe the idea you would like to represent in a visual
  2. List keywords that might work for searching
  3. Brainstorm other descriptive words that might work
  4. Experiment with save URLs for your search attempts and best pictures found
  5. Share your results

image-Q-sm.jpg1000 wordscreative commonsfindingbonus toolsattributing