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TinEye Labs MultiColr Search

A rather creative and powerful search tool; it finds creative commons licensed images based on colors, and not only single colors, but mixtures of colors. This can be useful for finding colors to fit a theme or as just an interesting way to explore photos:

tin-eye multicplor search.jpg

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search tineye.jpg

Upload an image or enter a URL for one and this search engine tries to find matching or similar images based just on the image data. Sometimes it can help find the original source of an image (or if it is an image yours you might find where others are using it)

Tag Galaxy

This site presents its results as a planetary system of related tags, and each planet leads to a sphere of photos to explore.

tag galaxy.jpg

Google Image Search (Takes a Bit More Effort to Find Content for Reuse)

What is the issue/challenge of searching for images in Google (it sure is easy)

From a search result, under the gear icon in top right, select advanced search or

google image search advanced.jpg

In bottom right, select under the usage rights menu select free to use or share

Do they male reuse a priority?
How do your results compare when you activate the reuse option?
How do results compare to searching in flickr?

Searching By Images in Google

Start with an image on the web...

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by cogdogblog:

Copy it's URL from here or its flickr page

From Google Image search, click the camera icon

google image search icon.jpg

Paste in the URL for an image (or upload one from your computer)

g image search by url.jpg
What do you see in the results?

q image search results.jpg

It not only finds related images, it is able often to determine what the photo is, and shows other web sites that include the same image. Ways you might use this include:

  • Find photos that are similar to a given photo
  • Find where in the web the same image is used (a reverse image search, see also
  • See if Google can identify an unknown item by its image (?)

image-Q-sm.jpg1000 wordscreative commonsfindingbonus toolsattributing