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Alan Levine

Vice President Community & CTO New Media Consortium

...... an online presentation for MobilizeThis, October 2008
The New Media Consortium's annual report on emerging technology for higher education, the Horizon Report, is now in its six year. It is result of a research project that identifies and describes six emerging technologies that will be have considerable use in teaching, learning & creative expression in three time horizons: less than one year; two to three years; and four to five years.

Although the project involves participation from an international Advisory Board, it has primarily a North American focus. In July 2008, the NMC launched the first regional version of the project, drawing a group of educators together in Melbourne to generate a Report, due out in November 2008.

This presentation will share the six Australia technology horizons and open discussion of whether they fit for this audience. We are still seeking some examples to publish in the report, so there is an opportunity to contribute to it and the project's dynamic resource collection.

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